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Based on the solid infrastructure for food business developed during the last half-century and the biotechnology R&D power of TS Central Research Labs, TS stepped into the biotechnology business. Bio-Business Division was newly organized in March 2002 to develop the manufacturing and marketing biologics, which is generally known as one of the leading high-tech industries in the 21st century.
Two KGMP facilities for mammalian cell culture and microbial fermentation are under construction in the TS Oksan bio-plant site, which is the first-of a-kind independent biologics manufacturing facility in Korea and their commercial operation is expected to begin in 2004. Along with two biological products, erythopoietin and streptokinase, more product pipelines will be developed continuously with the Labs. In the long run the Labs intended to grow into an independent pharmaceutical company competing in the worldwide market with its own new drugs approved in North America and European countries.
As the completion of Human Genome Project in 2000, the number of new drugs under development is increasing exponentially every year, leading to the worldwide demand-supply imbalance. As contract-manufacturing industry in Korea is still in its infant stage, TS plans to be the front-runner in manufacturing clinical test samples and developing new drugs based on the platform technologies secured in the TS Oksan KGMP plant. In the future, TS will construct cGMP biologics manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe to challenge overseas biologics contract manufacturing markets.