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Since the establishment of TS Corporation in 1956, Sugar & Foodstuffs Division has been the mainspring of its growth. With precise quality control and fully automated system, TS produced finest sugar products. It provides the best quality products and services throughout the whole stages from purchasing to sales based on the know-hows accumulated in half century.
As a leading Korean sugar refiner, TS Corporation produces 1,100 Mt of sugar per day and supplies to domestic market through its own nationwide distribution network.
Based on valuable experiences in developing products as well as its sales network, TS aims to be a total food service corporation by producing and supplying food materials, additives, dairy products, raw materials for bakery, mixed seasonings, and many other agricultural products. TS Corporation made a continuing effort to provide good food products through the close relationship with leading figures in global food industry such as Roquette of France, and ConAgra of the United States.
When TS Corporation received ISO 9001 certificate in 1999 the first among sugar refinery in Korea, it already established strict standard procedures in purchasing raw materials and services after sales point. TS placed its ultimate value on customers convenience and satisfaction in every stages of marketing under the statement of ◎customer◎s satisfaction, competing power, and innovative thinking◎ to make it the first-class manufacturing facility. In realizing this, TS has brought in fully automated system in all production lines and improved its facilities to meet every requirement of environmental concerns. TS will do its best to meet the diverse needs of all customers.