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TS Central Research Labs was initially founded as a technical research center in 1985 and reorganized in the present form a year later to carry out more advanced research on emerging technologies, such as, biotechnology and food science, and to bridge the gap between research and development and creation of new business.
Since 1990, the research has been focused on the biomedical area mainly to develop biologics using mammalian cell culture and microbial fermentation technologies. Two biological products, erythropoietin and streptokinase, have been successfully developed and commercially produced at the end of 2003.
In the field of food science, TS has been developing a number of nutraceuticals and premium foods to enhance control of aging and prevention of adult diseases. Xylooligosaccharide is one of the high functional food ingredients developed in the Central Research Labs. It has also developed biodegradable polymers and organic waste disposal processes as part of the environment-energy research program.
Central Research Labs intended to become a world-class research organization in the area of biotechnology that is one of the leading industrial technologies in the 21st century during the next decade. Central Research Labs will take the lead in making the vision ◎Dream 2010◎ come true by successfully developing new hybrid biotechnology products that combine human genomic with converging technologies, such as, nano-technology, semi-conductor technology, information technology, etc.. The Central Labs will always try to be the center of the technology-axis for the bright future of TS families in coming future.