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TS Corporation, together with our valuable customers, pursuits healthier and happier life of human community. Since its establishment in 1956 with the spirit of nation building through major industrial renaissance, TS Corporation has been growing as one of the leading food companies in the field of sugar, food, agro business, and animal feed. On such ground, we are expanding our views to more future-oriented business including biotechnology and genetic engineering as our long-term investment. We believe that the accumulated experiences and authentic technical know-hows, together with our vision of 'Dream 2010' will lead us to the new era of another achievements.
Under the slogan of 'the most valuable company for the real happiness of customers, with the future-oriented thinking and humane management', we, the people of TS will be here with you, now and forever.
Thank you.

TS Corporation
Kang Seung Woo