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With its overseas branches in world◎s major cities including Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, and New York, TS has broadened its marketing and sales in each country. It also tries to play a leading role in economic development in North Eastern Asia responding to the rapid change in trade environment.
TS Corporation was awarded by Korean government in return for exceeding the annual export sales of 100 million dollars for the first in sugar industry in Korea in1981. Based on those expertise TS is supplying sugar preparations as cocoa, fondant, SMP products to Japan. It also has been exporting its products to overseas such as China, Southeast Asia, Micronesia etc. and has maintained a good reputation among foreign customers.
With its unique and comprehensive analysis system on futures market, TS has successfully positioned itself as a major trader of non-ferrous metal in Korea. As TS already plays a central role in existing market, it plans to expand its trading items to rare metal.